7 Proven Ways to Boost Laptop Speed in 2019

7 Proven Ways to Boost Laptop Speed in 2019
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As time passes new updates come out and old devices get laggy same as those devices our laptops also get slow.

Everyone loves to stay up to date but as technology gets far we have to upgrade our gear.

I can bet you are currently using Windows 10 on your outdated laptop that has old hardware are you are complaining to yourself due to speed, that’s not the issue.

Here in this post, I am going to Share my personal Tested ways to speed up the laptop instead of investing in a new one.

Why Laptops Get Slow?

So here we have a lot to explain but I am not gonna explain it lets get to the point.

As I wrote above “as new updates come out our hardware gets older” that means you have to upgrade but what if you don’t have that much money?

In New Updates of Windows, you may see many bugs and stuff that makes your experience worse.

I Hope you got it what I am trying to say!

6 Proven Ways to Boost Laptop Speed

After doing a lot of research I have collected 4 Self-tested by me ways to Speed up an old laptop.

Without further ado lets dive into it!

Move to Linux

This is listed on the first position because Linux is a free to use open source for all and there and many distros out there for every type of user needs.

So How? Linux can boost my laptop speed? this is the question knocked your head first, Linux is Lite and fast as compared to Windows.

Only move to Linux if you use is just basic! Because it’s hard to learn Linux for Advanced use!

Linux will be able to run on any old laptop with a boost and fast speed.

Replace Hard drive with SSD

SSD is so fast and so powerful that can change the performance completely, If you are a using Windows 10 then its a recommendation.

Many laptops have a Slot for M.2 SATA SSD that is easily Available in the market.

Get Raid of Unwanted Apps and Clean up Useless Data

Yep! There are some files and data that eats up memory so in that case, you should clean your laptop and don’t take unwanted apps.

Personally a year back I cleaned my data and transferred some data to my Backup device that helped me to make my hard drive that and I noticed a boost in speed.

Fans Replacement

In some laptops, fans leave proper working after a year or two, So, in that case, get fans replaced by New.

If you can find better fans for the same model of the laptop then you should invest in it I can guarantee you it will change your experience.

Thermal Paste

By apply new thermal paste to the processor can change the game.

Always use Quality thermal paste as good your thermal paste will be the as good experience you will get.

Laptop Cooling Pad

If you have an old laptop that heats a lot use a laptop cooling pad that is one of the cheapest and easiest solution out there.

Do check the quality of that laptop cooling pad before you buy.


Everything seems to be working fine that means its time to get ram upgrade, Go and get ram upgrade from the nearest tech store or check Rams on Amazon.

Make Sure to purchase the exact model of ram supported in your laptop.


I am hoping this post has helped you in somehow mean, I can guarantee if you will try these methods you will see a difference in your device performance.

If you liked this post please share it with your friends and family it helps a lot!

See ya!

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