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7 Must Have WordPress Plugins You should install In 2019

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins You should install In 2019
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WordPress Plugins are like a game changer because it allows us to add more functions in our WordPress Website. In 2019 there are a lot of Awesome plugins out there for a different purpose and uses, Some of the plugins can boom! Up the website performance and some of the plugins are made for the design purpose.

In clear words, WordPress Plugins can be explained as a piece of software that allows you to add more features and functions.

As a Beginner when you set up a WordPress Website this thing might knock your head that what are the must-have WordPress Plugins that every website should have.

There are Numbers of WordPress Plugins out there in the market with almost the same purpose so it gets hard to choose one in between them, That’s why I decided to list down some Plugins that you should install.

Top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins You Should Install In 2019

1. WP Fastest Cache

Website Speed Matters A lot and When it comes to WordPress things get harder if we do manual optimization but wait! here comes WP Fastest Cache to rescue you.

WP Fastest Cache is the Best Free Caching plugins out there and it is trusted by 1M+, There a big drawback of WP Fastest cache is that it eats up your disk space but if you have hosting from Siteground or Hostgator then you don’t have to worry about it.

Download WP Fastest Cache


2. Yoast SEO

SEO is a Key to Success in Blogging, Blogs with good SEO Optimizations rank higher and gets all the organic traffic. SEO helps to rank in Google, Bing, and Yahoo and when you rank you get organic traffic that is the most profitable.

Doing Seo Manually by editing the Source Code of Website can be a Difficult thing but in WordPress, the things are easy and Different.

Yoast SEO is the best Free Seo Plugin that allows you to Optimize your WordPress Website so it can rank Higher in the Search Engines. Yoast SEO Checks your website title tags, meta tags, readability, keyword optimization and many more.

Here on my Blog, I am testing RankMath At the Moment but I have been using Yoast all the time that why i can recommend you that you should install Yoast SEO for better SEO and Rankings.

Download Yoast SEO


3. Monster Insights

Everyone keeps an Eye on the Statics of their website but to keep an eye on it they have to login into their Google Analytics account every time when they want to have a look.

Here Comes the Moster Insights that allows us to keep an eye on the analytics directly from the WP Admin Dashboard, With Moster Insights you can see the daily Page Views and Visits.

It is a Must Have Plugin that every website should have, Moster Insights is best at its work and it is the best analytics Plugin out there which is Owned and managed by Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner. 

Download Monster Insights


4. WP-Optimize

In WordPress Speed Optimization Cache plugin is not enough that’s why we need a Database optimization Plugin, And when it comes to free Database Optimization Plugin the only recommended option is WP-Optimize.

With the Help of WP-Optimize, you can easily Optimize your Database and Arrange them in a managed order that will lead your website to load faster.

WP-Optimize is a Plugin by Updraft Team that means we can surely trust on and. WP-Optimize is a Must have a WordPress plugin that every blog owner should install.

Download WP-Optimize


5. Wordfence Security

WordPress is an Open Source that means hackers are in to hack it that’s where there is a need for Security Plugin but the problem is most of the known security plugins are paid and as a beginner, you will never love to pay for a plugin. Don’t Worry! Wordfence Security is in the market of free plugins.

Honestly, Wordfence is not the best Security Plugin but because it is available for free it does its job well. Wordfence Security allows you to set up the firewall and do malware Scan whenever you notice something fishy.

As I have written above it is not the best Plugin but that doesn’t mean it is not a Must have you should install Wordfance Security if you don’t wanna pay for some premium Security Plugins. Wordfence is the best Security Plugin in free Catagory.

Download Wordfence Security


6. Updraft

Backup is the most important thing because it allows you to recover data if something goes wrong that same thing comes in WordPress, We may install some plugins that may cause harm to the site or maybe things get messed up in that case backup is the savior of Website.

Now there are many ways to take backups in WordPress, Some do manually and Some use plugins, but the easiest way is from plugins because not everyone is Tech Savvy to do all technical stuff.

Updraft comes whenever we talk about WordPress Backups from the dashboard and no doubt it is the best free Backups plugin out there. If your website gets messed up and you have backups from Updraft then you can easily recover the website in just minutes.

Updraft is the best free backup plugin and I will 100% Recommend everyone to install it because you will never get fear of losing our WordPress Website just because of Updraft.

Download Updraft


7. Contact Form 7

Contact Form is a Need of every Website and in WordPress, We can make Contact Form Simply with the help of the Contact Form 7 Plugin that is available to download and install for free.

Contact Form 7 is the simplest and the powerful plugin for creating Contact Forms and it is trusted by 5+ Million People.

I Use Contact Form 7 for my Contact Forms and I am happy with it, I can surely say that it is a must have WordPress plugin for every website.

Download Contact Form 7


Final Words:

After Installing all the WordPress Plugins I have listed above I can say that you have done 60% of your blog Setup and rest will be the design setup.

If you think I have missed an Awesome plugin that is worthy to be listed in the must have plugins then let me know in the comment section.

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